Add 1X6 Infinite Full Texture Edges to a $100 order and get it free now!

Get your edge on

Take a look at our series of infinite edges and chiral pinches.

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Introducing Yin Yangs

Pairs fit together perfectly. One hold is a curving sloper, the other a sweeping edge.

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How much can you pinch

Joe Ortega, showing the 3 inch pinch block with 95 lbs. Think you can do better?

Pinch Record

Yeah, we got Jugs

We now offer several sets of affordable, comfortable, and well designed Jugs: Comfy and Roof Jugs.

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Factory Seconds

Factory seconds are off-colored or cosmetically flawed holds. Bonus: They are 30% off retail!

Factory Seconds

About Us

Meet the climbers, craftsman, artists, and blue-collar workers of Driftless Climbing.  We use the love and inspiration from rock climbing and bouldering to shape and create our polyurethane climbing holds. 

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