Why Driftless

Why Driftless?

What makes Driftless holds different from every other climbing hold business? Countless companies bring the same crimps, the same pockets, the same edges, the same plastic with just a different logo. This company desired more. We wanted to look at more than just the artistic look of a hold but also the feel. Rock will feel different based on the type of rock. Why can't plastic do the same? Here at Driftless we've experimented with multiple types of textures to bring the climber a whole new experience. Not only do we have dual texture holds but we bring to the table multiple degrees of friction. 

Who are we?


We are climbers, craftsman, artists, and blue-collar workers.  We use the love and inspiration from rock climbing to shape and create our polyurethane climbing holds. We shape, pour and distribute our holds in Driftless USA.  We strive to create well-made holds in shapes in a wide range of surfaces. Our holds will last under the highest of traffic and still feel and look brand new. Our mission is to bring the highest value in climbing holds and training tools to gyms and dedicated home wall owners and stand up to the test of time.