About Us

What is Driftless?

Numerous ice ages swept glaciers over much of North America and flattened the Midwest. However, there is a very unique and beautiful region in Southwestern Wisconsin, composed of ancient eroded mountains, that has never been glaciated. Geologists coined this unglaciated island the Driftless region. Just south of Devil’s Lake within this Driftless Region is small town Prairie Du Sac the home of Driftless Climbing.  Our name not only reflects where we are from, but who we are, and the uniqueness we strive to bring to the climbing industry.

Who are we?

Pictured L-R: Stewart Korte, Melissa Lohre, Mike Lohre, Kevin Baker

We are climbers, craftsman, artists, and blue-collar workers.  We use the love and inspiration from rock climbing and bouldering to shape and create our polyurethane climbing holds. We shape, pour and distribute our holds in Driftless USA.  We strive to create well-made holds in shapes that are simple, comfortable, and functional.  Our mission is to bring the highest value in climbing holds and training tools to gyms and dedicated home wall owners.