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We've got Jugs

We now offer several sets of affordable, comfortable, and well designed Jugs. 

Our Comfy Jugs series are designed for vertical to gently overhanging terrain. They are generously in-cut with a comfortable radius that makes for fun climbing. These jugs are progressively sized to provide variety within and between each set. Comfy Jugs are offered in 4 hold sets: Sets A, B and C. Set A is the least positive, B is intermediate and C offers the most grip.


Our Roof Jugs series are double in-cut to provide the classic “handle” feel when used in roofs. Roof Jugs are offered in 2 hold sets and come is 4 sizes: Large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXX-Large. Large offers a single handed hold where XXX-Large is quadruple handed.


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