Inspired by Quality

Inspired by Quality

Seven years we've been experimenting and testing plastics and the result is the Driftless polyurethane designed to flex just enough to accommodate an uneven surface yet rigid enough to maintain perfect shape indefinitely.

Are our holds unbreakable?

They might be. We've tried over-tightening, throwing and even hitting our holds with a sledge hammer and have yet to even chip our plastic.


Fresh from the Factory, Driftless Holds have a Velcro like texture

Within the first week this texture mellows and settles into its working life. How long this texture holds is important and helps define a hold's quality. We've reached a milestone at one year in commercial gyms and holding strong!

Tried and Tested

We thoroughly test our holds and after several over-tightenings we found that our washers bent and warped. We fixed this by upgrading to heat-treated, hardened, zinc-plated washers which maintain there integrity even after being tightened hundreds of times.  In set screw placements we use stainless steel countersunk washers, which keeps the screw from furrowing into the plastic.

Color that doesn’t fade over time

Our colors last longer because we use pigments, not dyes. Dyes allow UV light to pass through them which allows color fade over time. Our non-translucent custom pigments are laboratory blended specifically for our polyurethane to match industry standards with perfect accuracy. There are no slight shade differences, no color variance, just perfect crisp long lasting color.

Our Simple, Compact, Super functional, Ergonomically friendly Shapes offer Quality and Value.

Each shape is designed to maximize usable surface by minimizing the foot print on the wall and conserving materials.  Our holds may not be the cheapest in the industry but it is our mission to offer unequaled value.



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