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How much can you pinch?

Pinch strength is an attribute that quickly improves with regular training. Below are the current world records for one-handed pinches for the 3 different size Driftless Blocks. Use these values to evaluate your own pinch strength.


  • Use of any grip aids other than magnesium carbonate chalk is not permitted. Any alteration of the gripping surface of the device is not permitted. 
  • The lifting arm must not brace against the body, or any other object during the entire lift.
  • This is a single hand lift, and the pinch block must be centered between the lifters ring and middle finger
  • The lifter may only grab the flat portion of the pinch block and stay on the lifting sides. Fingers may not wrap under the bottom edge. Don't crimp the pinch!
  • The apparatus must be fixed to a loading pin, or weight must be suspended from the device using a sling.
  • The lift must be demonstrably greater than 7.5" (either using a crossbar or reference object to confirm lift height), or lifted to lockout.
  • The lift must be lowered under control.
  • The total weight lifted must be weighed and displayed in video submissions, and submitted via instagram using hashtag/tag, or submitted via email.

If you have exceeded any of the records posted, please email us at with photo or video documentation of the lift along with photo or video documentation of the weights lifted on a reliable scale. Weights used (plates, dumbbells and kettlebells) can be inaccurate, so we ask that you do photo document the weighing process for verification.

All Driftless blocks are made with strict quality control to ensure that each block is identical to the next.

Check out the pinch block records here to see how you measure up.



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