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Factory Seconds

We’re big sticklers for making perfect holds. Therefore, we are left with a lot of practically perfect holds that don’t quite make the cut. We call these holds “Factory Seconds”. Factory Seconds are cosmetically blemished grips. These blemishes include non-color matched holds, air-bubbles, or other slight cosmetic aberrations. Factory Seconds are fully functional and have the same bomber plastic, washers, and texture of all quality Driftless holds, they are just not quite as pretty. 


Follow the link above to select or to browse our current selection of factory second edges. If you are interested in any of our other holds, or in a greater quantity of seconds, send us an email:  Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll check around the shop and see if we can help you out. Factory Seconds are 30% off our already competitive retail pricing.

Factory Thirds  

Sometimes holds have more serious issues. Plastic is expensive and if a hold still might be useful to someone we throw it in our “Factory Thirds” bin. These holds may lack Washers, have more serious cosmetic blemishes, have soft plastic or some other issue that we wouldn’t recommend them for use for typical climbing. However, they are functional for Ice Climbers to use for dry tooling. Factory Thirds are 70% off of retail pricing.

Fast and Free

We end up making so many overpour edges that we send them directly to Amazon for immediate shipping. If you are interested in these you’ll receive them with accompanying bolts in a day or two with free shipping.



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