You know those bomber comfortable holds that make for an awesome route no matter how your throw them on the wall? Well, that’s exactly what you can look forward to with our line of Comfy Jugs.  These holds are simple, full-handed in-cut jugs for vertical to moderately overhanging walls.  


Comfy Jugs are offered in 3 sets: (A,B and C). Each set consists of 4 holds for a total of 12 unique grips that become progressively more positive. Set A is the least positive and Set C is the most.

When setting a route simply switch among the different size jugs to alter the difficulty of movement. These holds allow the climber to consistently make progress and build strength with incremental changes in difficulty. The Comfy Jugs Series is designed for commercial gym use and abuse but are perfect for the dedicated climber’s home wall or system board.

Driftless Jugs – Bolt or Screw-on Climbing Holds (Set of 4)


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