Feature holds, huge volumes and intricately carved masterpieces are all gym favorites that can inspire climbing. However, at Driftless Climbing we look at holds a bit differently and have adopted a function over form mentality. This is exemplified in our Foot Holds.

Most hold companies give little thought to the mundane foot chip, but we have spent considerable time considering the nuances of the foot and believe it is the foundation of a great route or problem. We offer 3 depths of feet, each in 5 different face angles, all in regular and dual texture. Complicated math will reveal that this is 30 Unique foot holds!!! These small holds are all very similar in size and appearance yet all functionally unique.

Do You Climb Outside?

One thing is for sure when you are climbing on real rock; you are going to have to make the best of small, slopey edges for tough moves. Driftless Foot Holds make exceptionally functional hand holds when training for real stone. 

Driftless Rock Climbing Foot or Small Hand Holds. Set of 5 Indoor Holds with Bolts


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Also available in dual texture