Our holds are made from 100% polyurethane with a function over form mentality, with the competition route setter and dedicated climber in mind. Our infinite angle series come in sets of 5 varying face angles in a variety of widths and depths. When setting a route simply switch the hold angle or size to alter the difficulty of movement. These holds allow the climber to consistently make progress and build strength with incremental changes in difficulty. The Infinite Angle Series is designed for commercial gym use and abuse but are perfect for the dedicated climber’s home wall or system board. 

Color Matched available in Red, Blue and Green. To buy, click on the corresponding image for the size. You can change your color choice and texture choice (full/dual) at checkout.

1 x 4, full texture
1 x 4, dual texture








1 x 6 , full texture
1 x 6, dual texture








2 x 6, full texture
2 x 6, dual texture








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