Driftless Climbing Bolts for Indoor Rock Climbing Holds. These are 3/8-16 thread socket cap screws that will fit standard climbing hold t-nuts. The bolts come in packages of 25 and you may choose between 1.5 inch length for small holds and feet. 2 inch length for small to medium holds 2.5 inch length for medium to large holds. 3 inch length for large holds. These are high quality industrial steel bolts that will minimize mis-threading and stripped threads. These bolts are for indoor use only and come with a thin coating of machine oil to minimize rust and corrosion, but these bolts should not be used on outdoor walls as they will rust over time. $14.50 – $16.99

Driftless Climbing Bolts for Rock Climbing Holds-Indoor 3/8-16 Socket Cap Screw: 25 pack


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