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How to Grid and Drill your Driftless Board

You can get incredibly strong climbing on an angled training board. If you are considering building a board, you shouldn’t be put off by the construction, as building materials are inexpensive and the carpentry is relatively simple. Our crew at Driftless have built a number of training boards and our; edges, feet, jugs and pinches …..

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How much can you Pinch?

Pinch strength is an attribute that quickly improves with regular training. Below are the current world records for one-handed pinches for the 3 different size Driftless Blocks. Use these values to evaluate your own pinch strength. A “lift” is considered valid if: A weight is lifted and visibly suspended from the ground for at least …..

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Driftless Foot Holds

Feature holds, huge volumes and intricately carved masterpieces are all gym favorites that can inspire climbing. However, at Driftless Climbing we look at holds a bit differently and have adopted a function over form mentality. This is exemplified in our Foot Holds. Most hold companies give little thought to the mundane foot chip, but we …..

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Driftless Pinch Blocks

Dude, how much can you bench? Said one climber to another…never. Yeah, most climbers don’t bench press and if they do, they probably aren’t bragging about the weight. Is this because climbers are humble and don’t like to brag? Hell no! We just suck at the useless bench press. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t …..

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Free and Fast Shipping: Our Partnership with Amazon

Back orders seem to plague the climbing industry and when you order climbing holds, it often takes a long time to have them delivered. To add insult to injury, shipping can be really expensive. At Driftless, we are always looking for new ways to do things and how you get your holds is no different. …..

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We’ve got Factory Seconds

We’ve been pouring lots of holds! Factory seconds: What does that mean? To Driftless Climbing, this means climbing holds with color abnormalities in them. As we develop our holds catalog and experiment with different pigments and dyes, we produce many holds that don’t match industry standard colors. Some have minor color shade differences, others can …..

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