How much can you Pinch?

Pinch strength is an attribute that quickly improves with regular training. Below are the current world records for one-handed pinches for the 3 different size Driftless Blocks. Use these values to evaluate your own pinch strength.

A “lift” is considered valid if:

  1. A weight is lifted and visibly suspended from the ground for at least a full second.
  2. One hand and only one hand is used to pinch the block. Attempts where a lifter’s thigh bolsters the lifting hand is not considered valid. The right or left hand can be used.
  3. The weights, block and any supporting attachments (climbing sling, rope, carabiners, etc.) are cumulatively weighed on an accurate scale and rounded down to the nearest pound.

If you have exceeded any of the records posted, please email us at with photo or video documentation of the lift along with photo or video documentation of the weights lifted on a reliable scale. Weights used (plates, dumbbells and kettlebells) can be inaccurate, so we ask that you do photo document the weighing process for verification.

All Driftless blocks are made with strict quality control to ensure that each block is identical to the next.

Check out the pinch block records here to see how you measure up.

Driftless Pinch Block


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