We’ve got Factory Seconds

We’ve been pouring lots of holds!

Factory seconds: What does that mean? To Driftless Climbing, this means climbing holds with color abnormalities in them. As we develop our holds catalog and experiment with different pigments and dyes, we produce many holds that don’t match industry standard colors. Some have minor color shade differences, others can have tiny blue dots from our molds in them, a byproduct of initial pours. However, all the Factory Second holds have the same craftsmanship, quality, and functionality of a commercial polyurethane hold.

What this means to you? Discounted holds. If you are trying to fill your home wall with great holds and color matching is of no concern, these holds are for you. Same polyurethane and bomber texture at a reduced price. Get them while you can, quantities are limited!

Colors and size offerings will vary as we continue to test molds and colors. We are currently using Amazon for checkout and fulfillment which means you will probably get your holds in a couple days and pay nothing for shipping. Check back weekly to see what’s new.

We are living our dreams…thank you for supporting small business.


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